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Basic Configuration Settings

To configure your mail client to send and receive mail using our mail server, these are the settings you'll want to use or change from the defaults:

See also our Mail Policy.

Configuring K-9 Mail for Android

As an example, to set up a new account with K-9 Mail on Android, back out to the Accounts view and tap the big + sign at the bottom. This will present you with this dialog, which we've filled in with an example:

 [ K-9 Initial Screen ]

Note that your email address is your username.

 [ Choose IMAP ]

Choose IMAP here.

 [ Incoming ]

Regardless of your email address, the IMAP server is "mail.maleficarum.org". Again, the Username field is your email address. Security is SSL/TLS.

Technical Note: Aliases for other mail servers exist, so you can specify "mail.example.org" as your IMAP server. However, SSL certificates are issued for mail.maleficarum.org, so any other hostname will fail.

 [ Outgoing ]

Note that Security is set to STARTTLS. The SMTP server is again configured to be "mail.maleficarum.org". As above, your Username is your email address.

That's it! You're good to go.

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