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  • Thu May 03 19:55:51 MST 2018
    Hey, we have a new IRC server! Connect to irc.maleficarum.org, either on port 6667 (clear) or 6697 (SSL/TLS). Stop by #SocMal to say hi or #IdleRPG to play along.
  • Fri Apr 13 14:04:59 MST 2018
    Users of our Instant Messaging service will notice a substantial improvement in image upload times, thanks to mod_http_upload.
  • Thu Apr 12 20:47:53 MST 2018
    The time has come to retire the Maleficarum Certificate Authority. The CA cert expired on the 10th and we've moved on to LetsEncrypt anyways. It was necessary when it was necessary but now it's not so it's dead.
  • Tue Oct 24 15:54:33 MST 2017
    Webserver is now running on much better hardware, similar 12-core 32Gb RAM RAID-10 as the mailserver. Enjoy!
  • Sat Oct 21 11:28:21 MST 2017
    12-cores, 32Gb RAM and a RAID-10: the mail server has been replaced by much faster hardware. Webserver is next.
  • Wed Oct 18 13:19:06 MST 2017
    Shiny new servers have been delivered, and will be racked this evening
  • Fri Oct 13 10:01:29 MST 2017
    You may have noticed the mailserver acting a bit sluggish. Fear not, fancy new servers are on their way.
  • Tue Sep 12 21:20:38 MST 2017
    The Wife complained of having received an unsolicited commercial electronic mail message (Spam), so we've implemented DKIM and DMARC, lowered the reporting threshhold, and pushed a sieve rule to shove Spam into your Junk box before it gets to you. Drop the admins a line if you run into problems.
  • Sat Jun 10 17:10:34 MST 2017
    Since we have an arcade here at Societas Maleficarum, we thought it would be a cool idea to share the current High Scores. NetHack scores have moved here.
  • Tue Dec 06 12:05:38 MST 2016
    We are migrating away from our internal SSL Certificate Authority and will be using Let's Encrypt in the future. Currently most of the websites have been migrated, other services to follow. The CA certificate will remain available until it expires, at which point it will not be renewed.

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