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S O C I E T A S    D E    M A L L E V S   M A L E F I C A R V M
About the Society of the Witchhammer

Welcome to Societas de Malleus Maleficarum. We are an exclusive and secretive organization dedicated to promoting various Capitalist philosophies in the world. Although our primary efforts relate to international finance and arbitrage amongst emerging capital markets (with a sideline in the promotion of Latin as a universal second language), we also offer consulting services to former Panamanian dictators, and wastewater treatment and disposal for cities in the Greater Chicago area. When we aren't busy injecting chemtrails into your skies and flouride into your drinking water, we sometimes remember our roots as a hosting company and upgrade a mailserver or something.




Although membership in the Society itself is restricted to a villainous (if incredibly dashing) cabal of international malcontents, we do offer certain resources to those whose efforts in the world we would like to see flourish. If you believe you have a cause, philosophy, thesis, art project, organization or civilization that could benefit from our assistance and isn't stupid1, do let us know. Maybe we can work out a fair exchange.

1We define stupid.

Our Privacy Policy

On a public network, you have none.

If you're going to decide what to share with us based on what we tell you we're going to do with your information, you should invest in our Royal Bank of Nigeria Foreign Investment Capital Group right away. Send us your account information and SSN before this incredible offer expires!